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The Heart Matters with Life Coach Louis Morris

Dec 16, 2020

Ms. Jazzie Craig is a true definition of a lady boss. After establishing her beauty salons she became a successful business coach. As a matter of fact, Yahoo Finance named her one of the 16 Business Coaches to know in 2021.

On the podcast, we talk about her determination, faith, desire to help others, relationships, and...

Dec 13, 2020

Crystal Senter-Brown was six years old when she discovered poetry in a Tennessee church basement. Since then she has been featured in Oprah Magazine, Essence and Redbook and she has won numerous awards for her books and community service. 


Crystal is the author of seven books: AJ and the Magic Kite,  Gabby...

Dec 9, 2020

Javonne Sanders is the founder and CEO of Toss It Up Salad Bar in South Central Los Angeles. She is also a member of TEDx/Compton Blvd, Community Coalition, and the Voices Neighborhood Council. 

Matthew Crawford is the COO of Toss It Up Salad Bar and the owner of Xcape Solutions, a marketing firm also located in South...

Dec 2, 2020

I knew exactly what to expect from Amy Young. She's bright, funny, witty, and thoughtful. She did not disappoint. We talked about everything from her comedy career, to her pivot into coaching, and of course, relationships. It was an absolute blast! Get in touch with Amy by going to her website:

Nov 29, 2020

Tim is the author of Equality: The Quest For A Happy Marriage (Happy Relationship). He said he has solved the marriage problem. He talks about how he reached this journey of discovery and some of the things he found to solve the problems that appear in marriage and long term relationships.

Email Tim for more...